7th Anniversary Romantic Getaway: BORACAY ISLAND!

Yes. We are on our 7th year!  and in the tradition of our awesome anniversary celebrations, we have selected another romantic getaway destination for our 7th year: BORACAY! Or as Dan Levin referred to his article, “a tropical convenience store fully stocked with jet skis, resort pools, and hangovers.” LOL! If you would remember in our first attempt to have our “uni-blog”, our first entry is our trip to Baguio City! (<-click it!)  To say that we have come a long way is an understatement. 🙂

Now, this sharing serves two things:  a reference for you this summer…and to show off how happy we are. LOL. Okay, just a little background. Husband has manned up in past trips by doing the preparations and setting the itinerary. For the Boracay trip, he has arranged everything I have to say!  All I had to do was book the tickets a year ahead and he did the rest. 🙂

That segues to the first realization: whoever invented the piso fare/seat sales…GOD BLESS YOU!  I was able to buy the tickets last June 2011 for our February 22-25, 2012 trip–eight month-prep, dahlins! First expense: Php 1,400 (round trip airfare for two, yes it is only 700/person) and Php 456 (service fee), total of Php 1,856.00 for our airfare! Now, we had eight months to build our fund.

Second realization:  Your Boracay cost will be directly proportional to your intentions. For us, our intention was to experience the best dining places, to get hammered Boracay-style, to experience fun activities, and to swim!  Hence, we saved up for this.

H booked us at Taj Guesthouse Boracay located at Station 2. It is just a few meters from  D’Mall (beach front side) which is cool and I think it is exactly in the middle. All you have to do is decide to turn left or right. 🙂  It is Php 2,000/night, very quiet. We stayed at Room 202 which was a nice room. I have to give them minus points for not having staff after 9:00 p.m. I usually have coffee or tea at night. In fairness to Taj, they have a common water dispenser. But it gets drained at night. Therefore, no hot (or even cold) water for me. But overall, the guesthouse is okay.

Day 1:  February 22, 2012

Landed in Caticlan

Took a tricycle just across the airport. It is Php 50.00/person comprising of the tricycle fare and boat ticket.

The tricycle will take you to the port area. Now, this is our 2nd time in Boracay. However, the first time we went there in June 2011, there was a storm and we were taken to a different port. Hence, this “main” port is the “real” port. There was a different set of procedures which was new to us.  This will be a good reference for first timers. When you reach the port area, do not go inside immediately. There are pay windows at the left side. There was a tour and there was a swarm of people when we arrived, so we just went were the line was, we missed the reminders, not knowing that you need to pay OUTSIDE.  There’s a large tarp that explains the procedures of paying. You will pay the terminal fee and an environment fee. Keep the tickets. Now you can go in. This is me feeling stupid for missing the procedure.

Now you’ll board the ferry. Okay, this is another booboo. The walkway is for the tour. For ordinary passengers, you turn right after getting the boarding pass. Take that boat and you will ride the ferry for ordinary passengers. 🙂  When we reached the island, we took a tricycle to D’Mall which costed us Php 100.  We just walked our way to Taj, which is also at the beachfront side.

After settling down, we started walking to our first meal in Boracay. We went to Manana, a Mexican restaurant in Station 2. (from emerging from the Taj eskinita, turn right)  Loved it, loved it, loved it!!!!

After lunch, we walked to Station 1 to experience Jonah’s Shakes as recommended by our German friend. We also took note of her reminder: it’s JONAH’S not JONY’s (coz there’s Jony’s).  Try their best seller: Choco-Peanut-Banana. Yummo! Here’s Husband enjoying his!

Then we decided to go back to Taj and sleep. We woke up and went to Mango Ray for their Mongolian Barbecue  buffet. However, I ordered their mixed tempura platter. Mango Ray is just meters away from Taj to your right. Spent Php 690 for dinner and beer.

One thing that we did upon arrival was to book a slot for Zorbing the next day. The “Ride the Zorb” kiosk is just by Mango Ray. Zorb schedule is from 9am to 3pm. They have combo packages to choose from. We just chose to ride the zorb. But if you are planning to avail of their combo packages, go ahead!

Day 2:  February 23, 2012

We started our day by having breakfast. This is where we went cheap on. There’s a carinderia at the end of the eskinita facing the beach that offers breakfast meals at Php 75 with instant coffee. Dedma lang. You just need the sustenance and energy for the morning. LOL. After that, we went to ride the Zorb. Ride the Zorb offers a shuttle service that will take you to the Zorb site. We took the 9:00 a.m. slot. Here’s a video of us Zorbing with new-found friends from Pampanga, Cavite, and Bulacan. We chose to ride the “wet zorb” at Php 380/person for 2 persons. Check out their Facebook Page. 🙂

It took us until 11 a.m. to go back to Station 2. We went to REAL COFFEE. Considered as an original and “institution” in Boracay, Real Coffee offers their famous Calamansi Muffin and their freshly brewed coffee. If you’re looking forward to fainting about experiencing Real Coffee, it’s not that kind of excitement. It is the homey feel that’s very appealing. You wait while the smell of coffee brewing and muffins baking fill the air. It is like being in your own kitchen. The muffin costs Php 45 each, while a tall mug of coffee is Php 100.

In fairness, it filled us up! You know what that meant….swimming! Just loved the weather during our entire stay. Third realization: it is hard to camwhore with a DSLR. 😦

After an hour of swimming, we went back to the hotel and slept. We woke up around 4pm, had coffee and chatted in our room until it was time for another swim while waiting for the sunset!  My loves, this is the most romantic thing we did…EVER! Look at these shots.

After basking in the sunset, we prepared for dinner…and of course, getting hammered!

This involved a little bit of strategizing. Remember when we talked about intentions? Our intention was to spend little on dinner and splurge on alcohol and pulutan. So, for dinner, we had Chorizo burger that costs Php 50 each. (Wag maarte kung gusto nyo ito, it’s street food, bitches.)

Then we went to Bamboo Palace. I love the low beach chairs where you’re almost lying down (especially because I am with H, giggles). It was a pricey first round of drinks of 6 bottles of Gilbey’s Premium, spicy chicken wings, and gambas. We paid Php 800.

Hopped to Juice Bar…and all hell broke loose! And the highlight of the night was a picture with action star, Monsour del Rosario. Hahahaha!

WASTEEEEEED!!!  (At Php 1,900, we better be!)

Day 3:  February 24, 2012

Our third day was Zen day for us. Surprisingly there was no hangover–except for H who has forgotten the last 2 hours of the previous night hehehe. We had long talks and walks on the beach (now I can say that without being cliche!). Just talking about our highs and lows. 🙂

Before lunch, we sort of threw in some work with pleasure. Yes, could you imagine thaaaat??? At the request of our colleague (who is now referred to as The One We Don’t Speak Of hahaha), we went to Nautilus, a boutique within D’Mall that specializes in formal beach wear.  This is a special store because it helps communities in Sooc, Iloilo by making them suppliers of fashionable tarp bags. (look at what the mannequin is holding). With other partners and of course our organization, we have built the capabilities of these communities to supply tarp bags for Nautilus.

Then we had lunch at Island Inasal for only Php 225. Lahveeet!!!

After lunch, we burned the calories by hunting for souvenir items for our friends. I loved the starfish ref magnet that I bought for myself. :-p We continued walking on the beach and just enjoyed the sights.

We stopped for a healthy snack at Jammers where we ordered Greek Salad for Php 180 and their Fish Burger for Php 150 and two glasses of lemonade at Php 45 each.

We went back at the hotel to rest. I watched TV while Husband had a massage at Taj for Php 350. After that, we went for a swim and again watched the sunset. (sighs)  We had dinner at Lemon Cafe where we ordered their healthier meals. We spent Php 900 for the Lemon Cafe Clubhouse Sandwich (which was awesome) and their Caesar Salad with Walnuts and Mozarella Chunks in Raspberry Dressing.

After dinner, we decided to walk to the Station 1 side. And because we spent all our money in alcohol the previous night (LOL), H bought a bottle of Gilbeys Premium from the local store (for Php 50, just Php 10 less from a bar) and I bought green mango shake for Php50). It was the best “last walk” ever.

Day 4 – February 25, 2012

Writing this portion is bittersweet because we did not want our vacation to end!  We had a great “first time as a couple” experiencing Boracay. I loved the memories we created. We will definitely go back and experience it more–and once again get to say…THIS IS THE LIFE! 🙂


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A Year!

Oh my, a year has passed and we have not updated this blog. So sorry, friends. It’s not that we do not have anything going on, in fact there have been a lot of things going on in our lives. But you know the culprit behind this lack of updates?


Yeah, and it seems that even the greatest bloggers have succumbed to this phenomenon. Short and quick messages. Just post pictures. People comment. And bam! You’re done.

I don’t know if we can maintain this blog longer than we would want to. But we will try.

Our plan for this year for our 6th (!) anniversary is to go to Laoag and Vigan.  Our trip to Bacolod, as you may have seen in our last post as the place we were planning to go to, was a blast.  Yes, the details are in our facebook accounts.

So, hope we will see you around, and hope we can update this blog a little more.  Facebook’s been a real bummer lately.

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We miss you guys

Wow! Almost a year since our last post. Grabe. We are truly sorry for not updating. Heck even our individual blogs are suffering from neglect.  Our apologies.

We will be having 5th year anniversary by November and we are psyched!  We are going to Bacolod to celebrate! Yay!

We really hope we could update this blog more often. There are so many things happening in our lives now that we do not know where to start. Either that or we’re too damn tired to even begin. 😛

Please wait for the next post!

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Camera Obscura – Our Official Entry to Cinemalomo 2008

I loved making this with husband.  This was shot with a Holga FN, Holga N, Fisheye2, Supersampler, and Action Sampler.  We consumed 10 rolls of 120 film (Kodak E100G, Provia, Sensia, Fuji Pro 160NPS) and 4 rolls of 135mm (sensia, elitechrome, polaroid 100).  Shot in the San Pedro Municipal Cemetery and our home, “Camera Obscura” is a short film about what a camera does.

I hope you enjoy our baby as much as we enjoyed the process of making it…

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Employee of the Month

We categorize this under “The Booboo Logbook” because I just think it is sooooooo funny.  This is Nyl, our dear friend who is the gayest of them all…and now–EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH:

Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!  Borlog ang bakla!!!!  I could not resist!  So I took more pics of him and he and the rest of our officemates had a blast laughing…

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It’s our 43rd month as husband and husband today. That’s 3 years and 7 months to be exact. Why we continue to count the months instead of just the years is not really clear. Maybe when we count the months we will remember the details more. But what is clear is how much we still love each other after all these years, how we still get excited at the prospect of seeing each other again after days of being away, how we still send and get funny (sometimes cheesy) text messages from each other, and how we still get it going on inside the bedroom. 😀

This is Jerome’s gift to Jher. We are sharing it to all of you.


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Cocks galore and more

I just love my husband. He’s so open minded, he allowed me to look and touch all the cocks I could ever touch during my recent trip to Bacolod. And these Negrense cocks are such fine specimens, such big… strong cocks… I couldn’t take my eyes off them.

Such nice cocks!

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